andrea k – pastry chef

 i recently found myself in need of a new printer for my home. my "hand-me-down" printer had finally died!!
 i have known todd for sometime and knew that he had computer experience through his job, so I decided to ask him if he could explain the differences of the printers that i had with me in a local computer stores ad. i had no idea what any of these makes and models were all about.  todd, kindly explained them to me briefly. not quite satisfied, i asked if he would mind meeting me at my local computer store to walk me through the printer isle. (a little intimidated, ya think)! he was more than happy to meet me there.
 i made my big purchase. with todd's help,of course. settled on an hp officejet 6600.
 a few days later, todd showed up at my home and set up the printer. explained how to operate it. (patiently I might add) and I was on my way.
 thank you todd for not making me feel like an idiot.


james s - attorney

todd, with tincansNstring,  provides great customer service and goes above and beyond the call of duty to keep my IT system running so that i can focus on practicing law.